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A celebration of the fandoms and fan theories that we all indulge in.

Every episode James will be joined by Victoria, or a special guest, as they discuss different topical subjects from entertainment to technology. Nothing is out of bounds as we revel in the things that excite us or pique our curiosity.

Sound Off With Soundrel

A film, TV and entertainment quiz podcast, co-produced with the team at Celebrity Cutouts.
Each episode James, Abbie and Sasha bring a TV series or film they know the others haven't seen and get them to try and guess the plot based on the name alone. The trio also share their views on current Entertainment News.

Scene It Or Not?

A choose your own adventure inspired podcast where James tasks Victoria with getting to the end of one of his original stories in one piece. There's a number of branching decision points for her to take throughout.
You can play along as you listen or test your friends and family by downloading the script  which is available for each episode.

An Epic You Turn!