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The Webcomic

Our webcomics are currently on a short break whilst we piece together current commitments, but we'll be doing special one-offs for events and holidays so please do keep checking back! 

The webcomic is a way for you to get to know the people who contribute to the website by taking their personalities and real-life struggles and turning them into an easy-to-digest format, which is illustrated by the talented Michelle Henderson of Tengu Arts.

Michelle is a Scottish born artist who has worked with me before on a number of different projects. She's also the artist behind the nerdy SKULL LOGO I use, as well as the cartoon version of me!

You can commission her for your own projects, she'd love to hear from you and her emails are always open! See her work on her personal site and contact here via the contact form there. 

Illustrated By:

Michelle Henderson

Written By:

James Bowers