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James Bowers

Currently playing: CONTROL

Currently reading: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Currently watching: Star Trek: The Next Generation (on repeat)

I’m a Freelance Writer for hire! Fond of Cyberpunk, Nintendo, Sci-Fi, Playstation and VR. Capable with Adobe Suite, Final Draft, Elgato Game Capture and Capture the Flag. I specialise in video game journalism and also enjoy writing about entertainment and technology. For reviews, features and previews I currently have access to PS4, Nintendo Switch, Mac, PC and Xbox One. You can reach me at james@soundrelmedia.com. I set up my own website, to use as a portfolio to pursue my writing career, in February of 2019. Originally dubbed Soundrel Media, this took the shape of BOWERS BLOGS in September of the same year as the previous name was a bit pretentious. In my free time I write screenplays, having written a full-length feature and a TV pilot already.